Theoretical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory

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Editors: Conway, M.A., Rubin, D.C., Spinnler, H., Wagenaar, W.A. The meeting Theoretical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory was held at the Grange Hotel, Grange-over-Sands, in the Lake District region of North Western England, July The two aims of the workshop were to. Theoretical Perspectives on. Autobiographical Memory edited by. Martin A. Conway. Department of Psychology,. University of Lancaster, U.K.. David C. Rubin.

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Clinical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory

Contents 1. Introduction Dorthe Berntsen and David C.

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Rubin-- Part I. Approaches to the Study of Autobiographical Memory: 2. The basic systems model of autobiographical memory David C. Rubin-- 3.

Identity, emotion, and the social matrix of autobiographical memory: a psychoanalytic narrative view Tilmann Habermas-- 4. On the nature of autobiographical memory Martin A. Conway and Laura Jobson-- 5. Neural Studies of Autobiographical Memory: 6. The contribution of research on autobiographical memory to past and present theories of memory consolidation Morris Moscovitch-- 7. Functional neuroimaging of autobiographical memory Peggy L.

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Social and Cultural Aspects of Autobiographical Memory: 8. Historically defined autobiographical periods: their origins and implications Norman R. Brown, Tia G.

Hansen, Peter J. Lee, Sarah A.

Vanderveen and Fredrick G. Conrad-- Directive functions of autobiographical memory: theory and method David B. Pillemer and Kie J. Kuwabara-- Part IV. The life I once remembered: the waxing and waning of early memories Patricia J.

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Bauer-- Subjective perspective and personal timeline in the development of autobiographical memory Robyn Fivush-- It presents an overview of basic applied and clinical approaches to autobiographical memory, covering memory specificity, traumatic memories, involuntary and intrusive memories and the role of self-identity. The book discusses a wide range of psychological disorders, including depression, PTSD, borderline personality disorder and autism, and how they affect autobiographical memory. It will be of interest to students of psychology, clinicians and therapists alike.

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These results indicate that self-referential processes involved in autobiographical memory recall are different from processes supporting social interactions, and argue against the hypothesis that autobiographical memories are inherently social. Acknowlegments Many people deserve credit for making that first meeting possible. A S Alexander Syder Author. Moscovitch M, Nadel L. David Payne and Mike Toglia co-chaired the program committee.

Berntsen, Dorthe ; A. Watson, Lynn. Cambridge University Press.

Autobiographical Memory