The Teaching for Understanding Guide

The Teaching for Understanding Guide
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The RISER indicators related to learning experiences can be seen as exemplars of the four research-based principles described by Morocco Table 1. Within this framework, the first step is to identify generative topics central to the subject matter, and then to organize curriculum around those topics. Generative topics are those that are considered central or important to understanding the field; can be related to present-day experiences or events; can provide a basis for progressing to the next level of instruction or understanding; are intrinsically interesting to the students and teacher; represent recurring themes in the field; and can be approached at several levels of complexity.

Examples of generative topics include:. The second step is to develop explicit understanding goals that relate clearly to the ideas and questions that form the basis of a content area. Explicit understanding goals are key to developing appropriate assessments of student learning. Third, students are engaged in performances of understanding in which they demonstrate their ability to apply their knowledge and understanding in new settings or situations. Fourth, there is ongoing assessment of student performances in order to measure understanding and provide the information teachers and administrators need to improve planning and instruction.

Such assessments are most helpful educationally when they are frequent, use clear and public criteria related to the understanding goals, involve both students and teachers as evaluators, and result in constructive suggestions for improvement. Teaching for understanding promotes in-depth learning over covering a broad range of material, and applying knowledge to real-world problems over performance on short-answer quizzes.

This is most likely to occur in schools that view themselves as communities of learners. It can be time consuming, and it requires teachers to present material in nontraditional ways that engage active participation from students with a wide range of learning styles and learning abilities.

Ultimately, the result is well worth the effort: Students truly learn and are able to take that learning with them and use it as they make the transition into adult life. Baxter, J.

We talk about it, but do they get it? Learning Disabilities Research and Practice, 17 3 , Blythe, T. Understanding understanding.

What Should Students Understand?

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This book lives in our school: Teaching middle school students to understand literature. Remedial and Special Education, 22, MacArthur, C. On defending controversial viewpoints: Debates of sixth graders about the desirability of early 20th century American immigration. Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary Morocco, C. Teaching for understanding with students with disabilities: New directions for research on access to the general education curriculum. Building a deep understanding of literature with middle-grade students with learning disabilities. The role of conversation in a thematic understanding of literature.

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Educational Leadership, 57 2 , Palincsar, A. Making science accessible to all: Results of a design experiment in inclusive classrooms. Would you like to change to the United States site? Tina Blythe. Teaching for Understanding with Technology. Teaching for Understanding: Linking Research with Practice. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site.

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Teaching for Conceptual Understanding

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The Teaching for Understanding Guide [Tina Blythe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This handbook will both encourage and assist those. Editorial Reviews. Review. "A Baedeker's Guide to learning to understand--the ability to knowand resourcefully use that knowing--and to teaching toward.

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