Compendium of Zeolite Framework Types: Building Schemes and Type Characteristics

Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types
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Baerlocher , Lynne B. McCusker , and D. Summary Zeolite scientists, whether they are working in synthesis, catalysis, characterization or application development, use the Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types as a reference. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Start your free 30 days.

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Crystallography & Mineralogy: Lecture 27. Tektosilicates 3-feldspathoids and zeolites

This book shows how zeolites can be built using simple building units. It offers: description of the channels and cages in all zeolites known to date; and survey of those channels and cages that appear in more than one zeolite.

Atlas of Zeolite Framework Types

This compendium describes all known zeolite framework types within a two Last seen price R2 Contributor Wong, T. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index.

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Account Options Sign in. The layer that has 8-rings, could again link to itself and form ring channels 5. Understanding Documents. App Download. SearchWorks Catalog Physical description xix, p. Testa , G. The XRD patterns have been recorded using different instrument settings from those in the first edition and are intended to conform to typical X-ray diffraction practice.

Many occur naturally as minerals, and are extensively mined in many parts of the world. Others are synthetic, and are made commercially for specific uses, or produced by research scientists trying to understand more about their chemistry. Because of their unique porous properties, zeolites are used in a variety of applications with a global market of several million tonnes per annum. In the western world, major uses are in petrochemical cracking, ion-exchange water softening and purification , and in the separation and removal of gases and solvents.

Other applications are in agriculture, animal husbandry and construction.

They are often also referred to as molecular sieves. This book presents leading research from around the world. Porous materials. Bibliographic information. Browse related items Start at call number: QE