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Popular Features. New Releases. Chemical Engineering : An Introduction. Description 'Chemical engineering is the field of applied science that employs physical, chemical, and biological rate processes for the betterment of humanity'.

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The anatomy of a chemical manufacturing process. In addition the book is widely used by professionals as a day-to-day reference. Overview The chemical engineering profession offers many opportunities for creativity. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Seller Inventory P Mehran Sahami.

This opening sentence of Chapter 1 has been the underlying paradigm of chemical engineering. Chemical Engineering: An Introduction is designed to enable the student to explore the activities in which a modern chemical engineer is involved by focusing on mass and energy balances in liquid-phase processes. Problems explored include the design of a feedback level controller, membrane separation, hemodialysis, optimal design of a process with chemical reaction and separation, washout in a bioreactor, kinetic and mass transfer limits in a two-phase reactor, and the use of the membrane reactor to overcome equilibrium limits on conversion.

Mathematics is employed as a language at the most elementary level. Professor Morton M. Denn incorporates design meaningfully; the design and analysis problems are realistic in format and scope. Other books in this series.

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Diffusion E. Add to basket. Chemical Engineering Morton M. Chemical Product Design E. Colloidal Suspension Rheology Jan Mewis.

Process Control Pao C. Mass and Heat Transfer T.

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Thermodynamics J. Chemical Engineering Design and Analysis T. Chromatographic Processes Roger-Marc Nicoud. Catalyst Design Massimo Morbidelli. An Introduction to Granular Flow K. Table of contents Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Basic concepts of analysis; 3. The balance equation; 4. Component mass balances; 5. Membrane separation; 6. Reacting systems; 7. Designing reactors; 8.

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Bioreactors and nonlinear systems; 9. Overcoming equilibrium; Two-phase systems and interfacial mass transfer; Some even show the reactions of students in the lecture hall, which is downright silly. Some creators of these programs have realized this sort of flaw, and replaced these lecture hall programs with narrated Powerpoint-type presentations, or programs that just show the lecturer writing on a chalkboard, without students present.

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